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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning breaking news, cameras rolling here as turkey shoots down russian war plane. find out the reason behind the attack. also, the us issues a world-wide travel alert in the wake of the recent terror attacks. we're live at the airport for what this means for the thousands of people taking flight this week for thanksgiving. waking up to another bitter cold morning but there is a warm up on the horizon justin has the details good morning, it is tuesday november 24th, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with justin out on the very cold skydeck, meisha nice and warm inside checking the roads. >> i am. i would venture to bet just continue will tell us he's not cold. he's not colds out there. >> i am's immune to it. >> roadways looking really nice. starting to heat up pushing into the 6:00 hour. certainly starting to see the main vein start to get little hot out there. justin, we know you are not hot outside. what is the temperature today? >> yes, it is cold out there. thanks for rubbing it in, nice and warm out in the studio. yes, at least not dealing with the winds like yesterday. so it actually did feel colder yesterday morning. but now, winds are calm.
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don't get me wrong temperatures still below freezing in lot of spots. there you go. thirty-seven at the airport. it is the outer suburbs getting cold. 28 degrees in allentown, 26 mount pocono, south jersey, getting some of the interior locations, it is low to mid 20's, even some teens in the coldest spot. twenty-nine willow grove, 29 pottstown. so that's what actually feels like because the winds are pretty much calm in most locations, you may get a light breeze 5 miles per hour out of the southwest. we do have some warmer air trying to work its way back into the region. it is in the form of some clouds up in the atmosphere. maybe stray flurry in the poconos, early this morning but we will see more sunshine later this morning into the afternoon. travel conditions are great. take advantage of it if you can. hit the roads early before you really run through the traffic for the holiday. today dry less windy conditions. tomorrow same deal. lots of sunshine, thanksgiving itself, can even roll the windows, we are warming it up. today still cool, ooh with sunshine, then talking mid 60s by the end of the week the for
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the latest traffic conditions, we head it back into the studio with meisha a what's the latest? >> justin, dry that's the key this morning. things looking pretty good on the roadways, just starting to heat up as we tip he cannily do, 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction near collegeville. looking good there. just kind of get that steady flow going blue route headed in the northbound direction past route one looking good there. >> starting to tap your brakes, starting to get hook up. overall the blue route looking good, coming around the s curve another area you will start to casino of tab those brake lights every now and then as we can see right there. bamm. it is getting little bit busy out there construction update. 495, of the northbound ramp from terminal avenue is closed, until the end of november. so ill of course let you know when we know the exact dayton that. >> parkway closed or is closed rather, right now. in front of of the art museum,
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i'll let you know when ' see more and more closures, downed pole right here, whitehall road closed between bean road and skippack pike. >> meisha, thank you. we have new video appears to show turkey shooting down a russian war plane. skee the f16 on tire, as two crew members parachute to safety. their status currently unknown. says they warned ten times before firing upon it. russia says, the plane was actually in syrian's air space, keep following this and bring you any new development as we get them. in other news this morning, the us state department has issued a world-wide travel alert urging americans to exercise vigilance a mid rising terrorist threats. alert comes in time for the busy thanksgiving holiday travel season. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now at philadelphia international airport with more on what travelers can expect, so many people do fly out to visit family this time of year. justin, good morning. >> good morning as the travel
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season really heats up here, washington's handing down warning to americans to be safer. there are no credible threats to the u.s. at this time. but still they're warning americans as they vigilant. >> call tore americans, the new global travel alert warnings people to exercise particular caution during the holiday season, and at holiday events. a warning that travelers at phl are heeding. as long as we're safe. that's the purpose. >> feel pretty safe being secure. >> i love flying. so i'm ready to go. >> the state department saysv] terror groups like isis, al quaida others, planning attacks, using conventional and non-conventional weapons. so far officials report, no credible threats to the u.s. tuesday french president francois hollande expected to
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tell president obama, it is an emergency requiring immediate action. investigators still haven't found salah abdeslam key suspect in the paris attacks. on monday street sweeper near paris found explosives vests without his detonate err. but the vest did have slap until, same type of explosives used in the november 13th attack in paris. brussels remains at hail he is alert level for at least another week. >> i can't confirm, and fears ... >> now, salah abdeslam was last seen in the brussels belgium area, as for travelers, this holiday expect to see long lines at the airport and traffic on the road and also enhanced security for both. 47 million people are set to travel this holiday season. as for when this warning will expire, we are told, february 24th, so this will take us well past christmas and the new year holidays. erika, back over to you. >> better safer than sorry
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justin, thanks so much. justin mentioned that increased airport security at philadelphia international airport. it also includes this screening dog. 5tsak9's will be sniffing around pass inning tears detect explosives or other dangerous substances. passengers who are traveling for the holidays are advise today allow extra time and exercise patience. new cbs pole shows americans are more concerned following the terrorist attacks. 69% say attack at least somewhat likely, that's the highest since may of 2011. also, 14% say terrorism is the most important problem facing the country that's up from just 2%, two weeks ago. the fight against isis highlights white house meeting this morning, between president obama and french president francois hollande. in suburban paris street cleaner found explosive vest. it did not have a detonate err, but the vest did have the same type of explosives used in the attacks. in belgium another round of police raids led to the arrest
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of 21 people. however, suspect salah abdeslam is not among them. brussels plans to reopen schools and mass transit tomorrow. but belgium will remain under the highest alert level for at least another week. >> ongoing protests in minneapolis, minnisota eyewitnesses say this happened after several white supremists fired into a group following the police involved shooting of clark. police are working to identify the gunman. victim's injuries all appear to be non-life threatening. >> grim milestone here in philadelphia. the city has already passed last year's murder total with five weeks still left in the year. a double murder in the port richmond home yesterday brought the total number every murders in 2015 to 249. that is one more than last year. it is also the most murders in the city since 299 people were killed in 2012. new this morning
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philadelphia police investigators want to know what caused a fire at car wash in bustleton. that call came in around 1:45 to the fire on bustleton avenue near nor walk road. no one was hurt. firefighters had the flames under control in about a half hour. >> first responders, well, they are used to running toward danger. but one area firefighter ran just a little further. steven bender is the president of the reliance hook and ladder fire company in boothwyne. he completed the philadelphia marathon all 26.2 miles, wearing all of that, his full firefighter gear and that included a 25-pound air tank. >> holt is the worse part. the weight is one thing the heat, the hot the temperature, i was really sweating badly the marathon, what 40, 45 degrees, and i was having real hard time with the heat. >> bender completed the marathon in five and a half hours, all for his charity the firefighter five foundation. it helps first responders enter races and other
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competitions. now, bender says he wants to run a marathon in full gear, in all 50 states. well done. coming up next another check on your traffic and weather together, also, take a close look at this video right here. police are looking for this man, they say he followed a 19 year old student from class, and then stabbed her while trying to steel her purse. we're live with more details coming up in our next half hour. first though, we have an important warning for new parents. find out why researchers are calling for a nationwide ban on crib bumpers. also this: >> if you think you have a tough time as an eagles fan you should be at a sporting goods store. these mounting lost also adding up to big inventory of extra jerseys. i'm cleve bryan coming one that story. >> ♪ ♪ >> oh, forecast is changing day-by-day. let's win today. talking 60s by the end of the week. justin has the forecast, how is your turkey day looking? he'll let you know when we
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come right back. >> ♪ ♪
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republican presidential candidate donald trump calling on the us to engage in much more aggressive interrogation techniques on terrorism suspect. that includes, bringing back water boarding. an interrogation techniques is continued by the obama -- discontinued bio bamm an administration. trump said woe restore it in a heartbeat and to approve more than that. >> don't kid yourself folks it works okay, it works. only a stupid person would say it doesn't work. it works. >> trump is also highly critical and skeptical every muslims in recent days.
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reaffirm g his claims that he saw thousands of muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks in new jersey. meanwhile, trump's opponent ben cars owe backing away from his claim he saw american muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks. carson said he saw news reports of muslims in new jersey cheering the attacks. but a spoke man says carson was recalling video of people in the middle east who were celebrating. democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton is asking voters not to believe what republicans are saying about fighting isis and protecting the us from another attack. >> don't get diverted by fear tactics, scaremongering, inflammatory rhetoric. this is a job we have to take on and we have to be smart about it. and we have to be vigilant about it. and we have to make sure we protect our country and our friends. >> former secretary every state says the us must stop isis ifee elected president she would not commit grounds troops to do it.
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6:13, another chilly start to the day on the upside see more sunshine, right justin? >> that's right. waking to up little clouds right now, as we progress through the morning see increasing sun but cloud free skies right now southern delaware. live look at rehoboth beach. 33 degrees southwest winds getting ready for nice sunrise, sunrise coming in 45 minutes. here is our headlines still chill today. even with some sunshine. but, again overall niles weather for traveling for the holiday. then we look at the thanksgiving forecast, big story there, it will be warm up. there are the current temperatures being looking at 30 degrees in cherry hill, 24 millville, one of the cold spots, 27 in wildwood. capitol city of delaware, dover, 31 degrees. and again close to philadelphia, similar numbers airport little milder at 37. but, once you get outside the city, 31 aston, 29 up in chalfont, upper 20s, in the lehigh valley. maybe stray flurry in the poconos this morning little weak disturbance in the atmosphere, rolling on through, you can see the cloud cover. eventually that will thin out. see more sunshine for the afternoon, that's compliment
6:15 am
of high pressure, which locks us into the dry weather pattern, and as this high starts to shift off shore for the next couple every days it, bridges back warmer air. wednesday looks great. lots of sunshine, lower 50's for highs. up to 60 for the afternoon temperature on thanksgiving. and then mid 60s friday. this cold front will bring wet weather in here for the start of the week with cooler temperatures. struggling to get to upper 40's, maybe 50, if we see enough sun. another cold night tonight. widespread 20's in the suburbs to lower 30's, tomorrow finally breaking the low 50's. today, increasing sunshine after the morning clouds, 49 for the high temperature. tonight cold night. thirty-five for the city. colder in the suburbs again thanksgiving looks great. mostly sunny mild, high of 60 degrees. and that extended forecast, again, looking dry through the ends the week, warming up each day, then cooling down for the weekend showers saturday. and now that it is starting to feel like winter, a loft people are wondering what's in store for our winter forecast? the eyewitness weather team has your winter weather outlook tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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you don't want to miss it. a loft players going into this year's forecast, el nino is the -- >> that's my big question. >> so we will break it down for you let you agree it means. >> after last winter we want an easy one. >> i hope so. i'm with you. >> how are the roads looking? >> roads were looking okay. now they are starting to look very busy. we have four accidents out there right now that i want you to be aware of. also, give yourself couple. extra minutes this morning. because we have a lot of active tip. roadways are nice and dry. so we can't blame this on justin this morning or mother nature. blue route northbound approaching route 30. you can see that right lane is blocked. not so much from the vehicle that is involved in the accident. but you do have the service vehicle pulled all the way off to the lane, causing a lot of drivers to have to put on brakes and move on over. that's one every them. also an accident in bucks county route one southbound at the pennsylvania avenue. all lanes are blocked here. all lanes route one
6:17 am
southbound just know this, hopefully they get one of these vehicles kind of moved out of the way to free up one lane but all lanes blocked right now. we have overturned vehicle pen land blue, bell pike, past morris road, is also closed because of this overturned car. so, just to gave you a heads up give yourself couple of extra minutes. we'll be back right after. >> this stay where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" be right back. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums son, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates turkey,
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>> flyers won last night sixers haven't won yet this season eagles pretty disappointing so far. our cleve bryan shows us how this lose something making sports stores lose business. couple of nick foles. >> the clearance rack at sam treasures' sports depo in runnemede a reminder of chip kelly's roster turn over, taken ten and six team to four and six. >> chip can go back to oregon. matter of fact, i'll drive him back. >> as fans enjoy so do jersey sales, fan treasure several stores including pro image sports at the depford mall, jersey sales in november are down 25% compared to last year. >> there is a lot of hype around these guys to start out the year. you have rookies like nelson agholor, everyone seems to be under performing or getting injured.
6:21 am
so real now trust in these guys any more. >> it faded not just the eagles but sixers winless flyers one of the worse records in the nhl. going to the holiday shopping season, fan loyalty is about the only place sports shops can hang their hats. >> it is awful. expected more. >> with all of the philly teams struggling, fans are now looking toward the future when purchasing their gear. and the hottest thing is okafor with the 76ers. but people have to wonder with the eagles, are there any future stars? >> jordan matthews is a nice flyer. but he's not a star. agholor, we haven't seen enough of him. >> fan treasure says if the depressing trends continue it could mean changing their inventor. >> i steering away from player, who knows who will be around. >> if hopes left the field maybe you can drum up some nostalgia, always dawkins conditioning ham, to remindr days. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> oh, still ahead this morning, why there is now push
6:22 am
to ban crib bumpers. also thanksgiving of course known as a holiday of glut any. but if you are trying to count calories, there are ways to stick to your diet. doctor rob will be here to serve up tips how you can eat health think thanksgiving. >> justin i know working on that thanksgiving forecast, looking pretty good, right? >> it will warm up. so you know what? you can just pig out thanksgiving, go outside just run it off. because we are talking temperatures well above average. details coming up in a few more minute.
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>> a warning for new parents new research shows just how dangerous crib bumpers can be. now, researchers are calling for nationwide ban on the bumpers after a new study links them to a spike in infant deaths. the findings in the journal of pediatrics show 23 crib bumper deaths reported in the last seven years. >> eat he is rawle nut could improve your health. hands full of woman nuts ever day better to overall die coat lead to improvement in certain risk factors for diabetes. researchers also found that the nuts may also lower cholesterol. hundreds of area families will be able to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday all thanks to the generosity of donations from the salvation army. it is part of the thanksgiving to go program. 200 volunteers and culinary student race to go prepare meals for 4,000 people.
6:26 am
>> i'm in awe. i can't believe these people, volt un tears, student consideration all get it done, you know and we do, every year. >> they're able to have their meal have leftovers, like you and i would have at the thanksgiving dinner, hopefully just have a nice peaceful family time. >> it takes 2600 pounds of turkey, 1200 boxes of stuffing and 1800 pounds of mashed potatoes to create those dinners. ing. >> coming up, what police say he did to a local cab driver. jan? >> philadelphia police are calling it a bold attack. local college student is stabbed and robbed on her way home recently. i'm jan carabeo outside moore college, video police now want you to see. >> right now we have multiple accident out on the roadways, one big one in bucks county route one southbound at pennsylvania avenue. i'll have all of the updates
6:27 am
coming up. first we take a quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> good morning, beautiful sunrise down the shore. the upside we will see more sunshine. justin, we have word of warm ups, just in time for maybe little football in your backyard thanksgiving, little "black friday" shopping too. >> perfect conditions if you like the warmth, 60s returning to the forecast, but weaver to get through one more day with cool temperatures. cool this morning but at least the winds gone. >> se wind? >> oh, when you have to battle the wind, that's nasty out there. but yes, setting up for good sunrise, about 25 minutes south jersey, weaver little bit more cloud free skies live look at margate. good color showing up. nice glassy conditions out there on the oceanment temperatures at the airport,
6:31 am
37 degrees. again, so suburbs, much colder upper 20's, in allentown, part of south jersey teens and lower 20's, in some of the areas in the pinelands. 27 degrees currently in quakertown. mt. holly, chilling out at 28. there are the winds pretty much calmer, slightly out of the south southwest, three to 5 miles per hour, that's about it soap, no nasty windchills to talk about. little disturbance running through the atmosphere, some clouds actually response to warmer air starting to work its way mid levels of the atmosphere, that will be transported down to the surface starting tomorrow. here is your school day forecast, again little chilly this morning 8:00 temperatures upper 30's, afternoon temps, upper 50s overall b minus today. better than yesterday with the lack every wind. forecast hi, getting close to 50 today for philadelphia, and the shore still in the 30's in the poconos. but talking about highs running ten maybe even 15 degrees above average by the end of the week, details in a few more minutes meisha with the latest traffic. >> yes, i do. good morning justin, good morning to awful you at home. just waking up with us, i can
6:32 am
tell you, it is a very busy out on the roadways right now it is nothing to do with weather. we have four accidents to report right now. first one being in bucks county here's your accident, route one southbound at the pennsylvania avenue, all lanes are blocked being directed, the traffic beingth dollars onto pennsylvania avenue, exit. northbound the left lane is also blocked because of this accident. you can see, all every those vehicles right now being pushed off on to the pennsylvania avenue. >> another accident, 959 southbound at cottman good thing is it is pulled all the way off to the shoulder, but what we will get here, is that gaper delay. another accident, the blue route northbound, approaching route 30 saint david's villanova, the right lane was block, now moved over to the shoulder because again in this area as well because of all of the headlights on the roadways will cause slow downs regardless. overturned vehicle here, pen land blue bell pike, past morris road, closed, with
6:33 am
possible vehicle fire. use alternate such as plymouth road, one more accident 422 westbound the off ramp to schuylkill road. busy morning erika over to you. >> meisha, thank you. philadelphia police hope that you can help them track down a suspect in the attack after college student. a woman was walking home when a manfred to steel her handbag. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us near the scene with surveillance video investigators want you to see to see if you can id this man jan, good morning. >> very scary situation, that unfolded out here recently, this college student attacked in a busy section of the city logan square, just outside of her college moore college and in the view of surveillance cameras. this morning philadelphia police want you to take a look at this video so you can help track down the suspect, and investigators are issuing a warning to student. philadelphia police are calling it a bold attack, and assault and robbery of college student in a busy part of the city. >> hopefully we will be able to get this guy off the
6:34 am
streets so he doesn't do this again. >> this surveillance video provided by philly mr. is was taken last sunday night around 11:30 at logan square. watch as the suspects spots his victim while walking down the 2,000 block of her i -- cherry street. young lady is a 19 year old student from moore college of art and design. >> i think it is a shame. i think it is unfortunate. >> nao. student at moore, received alert from the school about the attack. police say the victim was trying to return home that night, instead, detective say the suspect grabs her, stabs her several times and tries to take her bag. but police say he failed and runs away, last seen heading toward logan square from race street. >> just want people to be aware of their surroundings, and it looks like this young lady was trying to do that, but again, you know, you have individuals that are out there, and they look to pray on people walking by themselves. >> police now search for this man, suspect described as 25 years old 6 feet, 180 pounds. >> it could happen anywhere.
6:35 am
because we're downtown. i feel like this is very populated area. i don't think that anyone feels animosity, they just want everyone to be safe. >> now there is suspect didn't get away with anything, the victim, however, was stabbed a number of times taken to the hospital for the treatmentment fortunately we're toll she is expected to make a full recovery. anyone with information is asked to call police and if you want to see that surveillance video again just log on to we're reporting live in logan square this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> can't be too careful jan thank you. >> suspect in the shooting of good samaritan in new orleans is un arrest. investigators say your i can cane tried to kidnap a woman when peter gold medical student at tulane university intervened. gold was shot but police say the gun jammed before cane could pull a trigger a second time. gold should make full recovery. that will woman suffered minor injuries. >> philadelphia police are searching for a man dressed as
6:36 am
a super hoo error but they say he is on the wrong side every justice. investigators believe the person you see right there assaulted cab driver on the 5800 block of ridge avenue in roxborough and then left without paying. this happened on halloween. the suspect is clearly wearing an incredible costume as is the woman with him. anyone with information is urged to call police. >> 6:36 right now. thanks give every course time to give thanks for all of the blessing in our lives, that includes those who have helped improve our financial lives just like cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, up in new york, we're grateful for you year around, jill, but which resource do you think we should be thankful for this time of year? >> i still love this ebri ballpark, easy to use calculator consideration help you quantify what you need to save for retirement. then i love thin aid. it is the go to site for students and their families, helps them understanded all of the difference ways you can pay for college and life
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happens, this helps families understand their life and disability insurance needs. i should also note that i am so grateful for budgeting apps like mint or you need a budget acorns, level money. they've really made it so much easier to manage our money. >> we were just talking about mint this morning such a great app. which organizations are you thankful for. >> collaboration of the financial plans association certified financial planner board of standards, and the national association of personal financial advisors. now, the coalition is trying to educate policy makers, and consumers, about the importance of advice that is in the best interest of the client. and i'll tell you these effort may soon pay off. the department of labor next on my list of thanks, it is expected to finalize rules that would require financial advisors of all retirement
6:38 am
accounts, to put customers first, i think it will survive. to learn about the investment tools and the blogs i'm grateful for go to jill on money. com. how is that for thanksgiving tease? >> i adore it, won't see you on thanks giving so have a great holiday. >> thanks, and happy thanksgiving to you, too. well, in a world where christmas ads start at halloween, no surprise to see cyber monday deals start sunday of course, right? that's when wal-mart says you can find sale prices hours before midnight monday. the retailer hopes to cash in on on line shoppers eager to get their holiday spending started. >> meantime, targets' rolling out plans to offer 15% discount on their website for cyber monday. they'll also offer 75 virtual deals or e door busters. target says cyber monday sales have boomed in recent years driven by digitally savvy millennials. all right, we all know it is not easy to eat right on thanksgiving. the turkey, all of the trimmings, the gravy, oh it can be so tempting to go back for seconds.
6:39 am
but, you can eat healthy if you want to try. coming up: doctor rob is here with some tips on what to put on your plate and how to lighten up some of your holiday favorites. also this. >> a new level of protection for flyers here at philadelphia's airport. and it arrives on four legs. the latest on passenger screening k9's now on duty,
6:40 am
♪ the keurig k200® series brewer. one touch, and unlike life, no mess. your favorites. your way. keurig hot.
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>> government surveys shows one in five back seat passengers wear their seatbelts. they say 87% in the front seat wear them. experts say wearing the seatbelt in the front back seat easy and cheap and may save your life. warning americans to be alert to possible travel risks especially during the holidays. world-wide travel alert is in effect until the end of february. our walt holt err introduces us to the latest edition to
6:43 am
security patrols at the philadelphia international airport. >> all a finds them nosing around you as you head for your thanksgiving flight at philadelphia international airport. >> they may come around, sniff around your feet around your ankles, but they won't be too intrusive. >> thanks. >> not much older than a puppy, tina is officially one of five passenger screening k9's now on duty for the tsa for the first time trained to detect explosives with their extraordinary sense of smell. >> you walk in, you would smell a pizza and they would pick up on flour, on the tomato on the basil and on the mozarella. >> while in this demonstration how she checks out tsa official posing as someone caring a dangerous substance. immediately, signalling her handler, and getting her reward.
6:44 am
>> stay. >> oh, that's a good girl. >> they know nothing about what explosives does how dangerous it is, to them it is just to get this reward. >> for this and other airport k9's, it is just a game. but for passengers, it is a new and reassuring sign that protection is taking a big four legged leap forward. >> another layer put in there by tsa to keep the bad guys out. >> actually, tsak9 dogs have been at work behind the scenes here at the airport for years. it is just the first time that they'll be working in passenger areas. philadelphia joining other major airports around the country with the enhanced k9 protection. at philadelphia international airport, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and justin a loft folks traveling by of course the planes and the roadways, how is the weather looking for traveling this week? >> weather looks great really throughout the entire count rip, no travel days, no large storm systems to impact the weather. really not for the weekend actually will get some
6:45 am
rainfall. until then enjoy cool temperatures today then it gets warmer each day. check it out. weather watchers, cold spots categorize low to hi, minotola leading at 22, gilbert ville at 26, jerry at 29 degrees blue bell 29, willingboro, 30 at kenneth martin's house dolores, newark, 30 degrees. close to freezing up in allentown, cherry hill, philadelphia lawrenceville coming in at freezing this hour. but the key thing here is the winds. it is pretty much calmer, very light out of the southwest, 1 mile per hour in cherry hill, pretty much calm everywhere else. that's great news. no harsh windchills to deal with this morning. finally, yesterday we had a day with below average temperatures, i mean, all of the days here in orange indicate above average numbers. we only had two so far which were below. still running 6.2 degrees above average for the month of november. and impressive warmth for this month. coming through the region
6:46 am
right now that's why we have the clouds. could be stray flurry up in the poconos clouds should thin out. nothing happening to the west, that's what's ahead in our forecast, tomorrow the next several days. high pressure over us locks in dry weather pattern some travel conditions are great. today, tomorrow, thursday, even friday still good. it is this front that start to bring in wet weather for the weekend. the core of the coldest air starting to slowly lift out. this is today. tomorrow, it is really on the move. we start to warm it up. then each day heading into thursday, and friday, we bring some of the warmth out from the deep south. that's why temperatures are running ten to 15 degrees above average. today though 49 for the high temperature, again chilly tonight. thirty-five through the rest of the week, warmer, topping off at 66 degrees, friday, then cooling it down with some showers saturday. meisha, what's the latest on the roads. >> good morning everyone, just joining us, where we have an accident. live chopper three shows just bucks county route one southbound, at pennsylvania avenue. all lanes are blocked. they are currently directing
6:47 am
traffic on to the pennsylvania avenue exit. also this northbound, see right there that's northbound, but also blocking a lane northbound traffic because of the accident, and showing us some of those backups, because of it. again, everyone is being diverted as of right now until this gets cleaned out of the way, and take a look at these backups. if you can avoid this area in bucks county, you certainly want to do so, this is no joke it will take you little while. also live look outside, we have an accident on the blue route northbound, approaching route 30. saint david's villanova. the right lane was block it looks like just pull off to the shoulder, and they're just get that cleaned up right now, driving away, as i speak which is great news for those of you on the blue route. fifty-nine southbound cottman. looking very busy. also, we had accident here as well. that has since been cleared. out of your way and 95 southbound, but you can see still traveling less than posted speeds there. and also, we do have overturned vehicle with possible vehicle fire, pen land blue bell past morris road, closed, so you certainly want to use
6:48 am
alternate such at plymouth road. i'll have another update coming up in about ten minutes, erika over to you. >> meisha, thank you. cost of the turkey kin is her going up. the american farm bureau federation says the cost after 16 pounds turkey is up more than 6% from last year, to just over $23. the group blames the avian flu outbreak that killed millions of birds earlier this year. overall cost just over $50 this year, other menu items include sweet potatoes, roles stuffing pumpkin pie mix. >> for many of us counting calorie you just can't do it this week, but there are some holiday favorites that can actually be healthy and of course you just may want to keep passing some around the table, the less than healthy ones. family physician doctor rob dan off joins us with some suggestion toss light end up that thanksgiving day meal, i mean, you think of thanksgiving think of gravy stuffing potatoes and there are ingredients that are healthy? >> and you did such a great job cooking this morning unbelievable. >> this looks great. not me.
6:49 am
>> turkey first of all great source of protein which fills us up, it is healthy and even the dark meat is good for us for the turkey. let's just skip having the skin on top. that's great. green beans, b vitamins, fiber, carrots beta kerr teen in there. i mean, the cranberries these are so healthy without the sugar, they're great for our eyes have louteen then sweet potatoes, vitamin a fiber. these very healthy foods are great for us, and of course pumpkin by itself is real good. but sometimes we add ingredients that make good foods not that good for us. >> you mention the sugar for the cranberries sweet potatoes all of the goodies you add to make things tastier. there are healthy ways to do these, right? >> there are. i'm looking at these green bean car rolls, starting to get heartburn, so much cream and butter on, there but if we wouldn't use cream and beautifier we would use maybe low-fat sour cream or use no-fat yogurt, we can make it, it would be real good. but look at our sweet potatoes. they're sweet naturally.
6:50 am
why do we need to put like the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of shoeing in a thereto ruin them? >> and couple of marne shall mellows? >> i'll give you two. bake broil, mash them, really good. you know there is brown gravy my gosh, okay, it looks nice and thick and oh, my goodness. but if we use some maybe organic maybe use chicken broth in there or apple cider, we can actually make a gravy that's healthy for us and tastes really good. >> reduce it down, yes. >> yes. >> stuffing, i mean, no thanksgiving without stuffing. don't take it from me, doc. >> you got t it is right here. instead of white bread how about wheat wheel bread b vitamins and add carrots swine end with no sugar added apple sauce, so good. >> oh, apple sauce? >> i like it it keeps it moist. >> yes. >> then the next day it is like really good. >> oh, the next day the bestment mashed potatoes, how do you make those healthy? >> instead of gobs of but the nerve there, let's just use no-fat yogurt, works real well or little no fat sour cream. put it in there. mashed potatoes are creamy and
6:51 am
delicious and we're skipping the fat and sugar which bloats us, and feel healthy and boy we will be good. >> hey cranberries. i lover cranberries, but i look at the ingredient list, what, two cups of sugar to your cranberries. >> at least, some people my gosh like eating candy bar. this is what we do. take fresh cranberries, boil them instead of using sugar use sugar substitute like stevea, mash them, no one knows the difference for the dinner and be very happen. >> i something about thanksgiving wear you're last i can pants right? you'll be stuffed afterward. trying to avoid that sensation besides portion control, what do you think we should do? >> eat slowly. takes half hour for our brain to process this, that we've just eaten we will get full. have lots of samples but small doll operation of food, skip the second because left over will take great the next day when we're hungry, get up, walk around little bit. because you know what we'll feel bet earl. just talk to people while we're eating slowly there is
6:52 am
way, eat less food, skip the seconds, and we will be happier, healthier boy that was good, i can't wait for tomorrow. >> thanks, doctor rob. also, before we go, if you have okay we all know that unpleasant feeling in your belly after you've eaten, what should you do to try to get rid that far. >> i love. >> this types of tea with ginger camo meal, soothes our stomach, lose earn the belt, don't lie down within two three hours of a big meal. >> after eating turkey? >> just have someone stand you up and walk you around and you'll feel better if you walk for couple of hours, don't go to sleep within couple of hours of eating and you'll feel better. >> thanks, doctor r be right
6:53 am
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vc@ >> good morning, russian fighter jet shot down by turkey overnight and the new travel alerted for americans ahead of the butts i holiday season, also doctor david on the huge backlash, against legalizing genetically modified salmon. and, the philadelphia high school basketball team that may have to forfeit every home game, because they don't have a gym. why politics could play a role. the news is back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. >> state department has issued world-wide travel alert for americans. the alert comes as we hit the busiest travel time of the year. justin finch joins us now at philadelphia international airport, with more on what pass inning kerr expect, so many will fly in this week, justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, more americans set to travel this thanksgiving than last year. so even greater reason to get
6:57 am
this warning out. now, the state department says, there are no credible threads against the us at this time. but still, they are asking americans traveling at home and a broad to be very vigilant. now, officials site high profile recent attacks in paris, beirut, mali, as cause for concern. now at home you may notice stepped up security, on the roads, and airport as well. so adjust your travel as needed. some 47 million americans set to travel this holiday this morning warning sex to expire september 24th erika back over to you. >> justin finch thank you so much. delaware county high school marching band, is celebrating a big win. >> that's sun valley high school marching bands from aspen, brought home the gold at the band state championship in hershey beat out 12 competing schools in the american open division. band recognize in the brookhaven at the council meeting. they've placed first in every
6:58 am
competition they entered this year. congratulations, so proud of you guys. we want one quick check on the forecast, also the roads cold out there. at least sunny for your drive. >> yes. >> we will get more sunshine through the day today. one more day of some chilly conditions temperatures getting close to the average. still at 49 degrees. at least it is not windy out there. that's good news, back to average on wednesday 53 but look at the sky conditions, that means no storms, so good travel conditions for the holiday. then we get up to 60 on thanksgiving, and friday, that's the warm day mid 60s so good shopping forecast there. and then finally the weekend we start to cool it down maybe some showers in here early saturday. temperatures back close to the average upper 40's to low 50's,. >> all right, thanks so much, justin. we still have live chopper three over this accident in bucks county, route one southbound at the pennsylvania avenue, all lanes blocked for awhile, looks like they're getting this cleared out of the way, traffic being diverted to pennsylvania avenue exit for awhile. northbound left lane was also blocked because of this
6:59 am
accident. so right now if you are in and around this area, whether it be northbound or southbound you certainly want to heed the warning. give yourself couple of extra minutes and if in the event they are still directing traffic on the pennsylvania avenue, which it looks like they are that is also going to be very slow moving. all of your major highways and it states still very slow as we approach the rush hour. >> and we also have a big winter forecast coming up tonight at 11:00? >> yes, big strong el nino, we will break it down for you let you know what that means for this upcoming winter. 11:00 p.m. tonight don't miss it. >> coming up cbs this morning join us bright and early every weekday at cbs-3 we kick things off at 4:35 a.m. see in you 25 minutes with a look at this sunrise. have a great day.
7:00 am
. . good morning. it is tuesday, november 24ing, 2015. welcome to qbs"cbs this morning." breaking news turkey breaks down border and the world awaits the new response. new warnings about the terror threat in america. insider michael morell and what he fears most. plus a giant leap for tourism. we will talk to jeff bezos about the fully reusable rocket to make it back from space. we look at today's eye opener, your world if 90 seconds. >> taurk u turkey claiming the plane ignored warnings. >> turkey shuts


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